Okay so let me fill you in on what's happening right now... I am seated waiting for 11AM to clock as I have a hair appointment with thee Rachel Aidan of Aidan James Salon herself. She will be playing, coloring, cutting, and or shaving if she would like to my hair. Then book a shoot ( staring me) and submit the photos to ColorZoom's yearly competition. If we get it we go for a live competition in Vagas! Yes VEGAS BABY! In October though but hey either way I am still in awe that I was chosen but I am glad I am. Though I am natural I kinda don't like my hair. Not because of texture or anything but because it's at that awkward length that it can go into a pony nor be that cut short cut anymore. I am absolutely hoping and know Rachel will have me love this hair on my head. I love funky crazy styles and different colors. I am not that girl that is I'm all natural and I won't texturizing or color my hair or get a perm ever again because well it's just hair to me and I will do as I please even cut it all off. I'm okay with my hair just being an accessory to me now since I had to shave it all off for surgery. It was no longer a must thing for me besides be there and look good or not be there and I still look good haha! I just haven't done anything to it since I didn't need to do anything to it right now so I was just letting it grow but by all means Rachel, do your thang!  


Show y'all soon enough! 

xo~ MoMo


It's official. Though it's not for shows, I'm officially going to NYC during Fashion Week and will be pretty close to my future as I will ever get besides actually being in a show. I will be at the Lincoln Center for the promotional campaign for SK-II! I have heard about this skin care line first from Michelle Phan, the big make up guru and YouTube celeb. Before she was all big I use to spend my nights watching how to apply blush and eyeshadow when one day she was doing a review or favorites and she mentioned SK-II product. Skip a few years later and I'm streaming videos again and come across these products again and it's a video of legit what I will be doing. Pretty ironic right? None the less I'm so excited. I get to work with another Japanese company and the project SK-II campaign starts the 12th. There will be shows going on while we are outside or the runway's room as I am told and then during show changes and what not we will be "raided" by tons of A-list people and NYFW goers. You think I will see a celeb? Ha who knows, maybe??? But okay I guess I leave it here and let you all know what happens once it kicks off and I start working my 100hr work week... Or well 8days.. Long as I speak to my mom and fofu and have a few caramel frappacinos I should be good. 😅😅😅