Getting Worked!:.

Okay, so things are taking off but it's still in the beginning stages of that rocky start. I am getting more casting calls and booking more paid gigs and I'm loving it. Here is some of my most recent work...


Credit: Elske Photography

Architectural Shoot with Cory Gans

I've also been doing lots and lots more promo model work. It's fun and I am warming up to the idea of getting uncomfortable to be more comfortable with the idea of "new". New surroundings and new people. Most of all every promo job booked means new job. I am learning and meeting so many people that this learning curve has given me a new hunger. I love learning and now my knack has found itself indulging in my model world.

feat. in the New York Amsterdam News for Fashion Week in New York

Also, have been shooting and getting better with YouTube as well. Check me out and click on the photo! 

Credit: Micael Cabral

...okay so when it comes to being out there via the Your Tomboy in Heels Brand I think that's it. Now that your all caught up I have a few things to come so I'm sure we'll be in touch soon! 

Best of days!


Representation in Rhode Island!

Okay okay, it might be too soon but I highly doubt it. I just got off the phone with Pamela Masucci, the owner and president of The Beauty Within Management aka the hottest agency in RI right now. They get their models booked for shows from Bridal Designers to Alex and Ani!!!! I hope I don't have to tell you who they are... (biggest thing is the bracelets) Their models grace NYFW to LAFW and it goes on and on from there. Pam really pushes for her models and I had tried to get with that agency before, back in October during an open call. Of course I didn't get it otherwise there would have been a post up on here already but none the less I kept my head up, set up a meeting with Casey, (owner of Maggie Inc) and went for Maggie right after and got their representation! TBWM is a sister of Maggie, as they call it within the agencies of New England and my info remained on their list of potential models. I can only assume after all my hard work thus far with Maggie and myself that it definitely caught Pamela's attention!!! Oh, I am soooo excited y'all that this happened. My goal was to get RI or CT next for representation to build up my port and take that and go for NY and/or LA next. Whichever takes me first I will go with that one as I will go for both at the same time sometime later this year around August...  

P.S. Now, I know y'all are dying to see what I saw in MBNYFW and I m still working on it. Sorry guys, I am just still learning how to use editing software and all that for my video post on YT and all of the post I want to be released together for my sanity. Bare with me cause it's all almost done!!! 



Love Y'all!! ~ MoMo