I'm Pregnant, back on Youtube & Landed a Marshalls Campaign | Update!

As you can see by the title of this post not only has a lot happened but I have lots of news. I'm going to keep it short but packed full of details you'd probably want to know. First things first.. Yes I changed the site around and direction of what the sites purpose is.. Before is was solely for my modeling career but now it's for everything in the land of MoMo aka Your tomboy in heels lifestyle. I wanted you all to be with me through it all not just the great modeling park because well I'd appreciate a good raw tell all like the next person and so that's what I want to do for you... (though I can't possible tell you everything for well I just can't..) Anyways, okay so I am back on youtube and my first video back is my 1st Trimester | Pregnancy series. I've always wanted to share my experience with many people and so although  I wasn't completely ready to do so I made do with what I had and made it happen.. if you have time GO CHECK IT OUT! 

Welfleet, MA (Cape Cod area) photo credit: Micael Cabral - the Mr. 

Now, Modeling stuff which is why many of you are here... I landed a Marshalls campaign as a fashion model for the AW16' back to school/fall release. This was my audition look..

TJMaxx/Marshalls audition | January2016 photo credit: Maggie Inc Agency

  So Guys, Guess what look I will have when going back to modeling...?? If you said all natural you were VERY CORRECT. Now I'm not saying that I don't go to auditions entirely fake however I typically have extensions and and no glasses. If my natural hair is out, IT'S COMBED! I am usually wearing a bra and my outfit doesn't look like I got dressed in the dark. However, this goes to show if you go in to an audition and be completely yourself and let that shine thru then there's nothing you can't do. Guys, my edges though?! Not done.. my hair was not combed and I wasn't wearing a bra... I believe  I wore my glasses in and then tucked them in my purse for the photos ( I wear color contacts to see as well) Now I do have behind the seeds photos of this shoot however, per usual I cannot share then until the contents of the shoot has been released... It will be, come end of Aug, but I won't share them until Oct/Nov when I get the full final images to share with you all. I am still also working on getting the images from the reebok combat shoot but it has deemed almost impossible to have someone respond to me on getting them.. so annoying but yeah guys, that's my update and I hope you're all well. Peace in your life and speak soon. Muahs

Getting Worked!:.

Okay, so things are taking off but it's still in the beginning stages of that rocky start. I am getting more casting calls and booking more paid gigs and I'm loving it. Here is some of my most recent work...


Credit: Elske Photography

Architectural Shoot with Cory Gans

I've also been doing lots and lots more promo model work. It's fun and I am warming up to the idea of getting uncomfortable to be more comfortable with the idea of "new". New surroundings and new people. Most of all every promo job booked means new job. I am learning and meeting so many people that this learning curve has given me a new hunger. I love learning and now my knack has found itself indulging in my model world.

feat. in the New York Amsterdam News for Fashion Week in New York

Also, have been shooting and getting better with YouTube as well. Check me out and click on the photo! 

Credit: Micael Cabral

...okay so when it comes to being out there via the Your Tomboy in Heels Brand I think that's it. Now that your all caught up I have a few things to come so I'm sure we'll be in touch soon! 

Best of days!