What's Going On MoMo!??

Okay... I know y'all are pissed.. or sad or disappointed.. Most likely don't care but it would be nice to find out why the hell I am not being persistent and focusing on something I claim to say I really want to do and want to really create and be passionate about. 

WELL!!! I don't want to give you a load of CRAP excuses but if you are really looking for a reason.. I just didn't motivate myself enough consistently. I let my depression take over and stop me from doing what I love and loose myself and self confidence to do much besides things I have no choice to do like keep myself alive and running and making sure my baby girl, Leighbra, are good. 

I let my relationship consume me and choose how I was emotionally, physically and mentally. It didn't help that it was sort of toxic and definitely did not help with my self push to do anything but to "fix" my relationship. 

But that's it. That is all that held me back. It's not much if a reason but it holds so much weight to what was involved.  HOWEVER, things are different now.. Or well We hope right? Things are a bit different now. I have my own place now and I am working on making it my own.. I HOPE TO SHARE WITH YOU SOON ON YOUTUBE ( your tomboy in heels if you are wondering what my channel name is or just CLICK) I want you to come on my growth journey. It may have some ugly parts but beautiful moments as well and I'd love you to join me. Grow with me! or just watch me Grow!  and Little Leighbra (pronounced Lee-bruh) too!! 

So what's the plan? Get back at it! Get back to blogging, writing, recording, talking, chatting, uploading and BE CONSISTENT! love myself enough to do something I love and I LOVE THIS! I really got to do what I love and so here's to my NEW START! 

What can you do? Support me. Hold me accountable and push me to continue to better myself and being more awesome! We can be Awesome TOGETHER! 

huhhh I am so glad I got that off my chest. how do you feel..? Are you ready to do this with me again? Ready to give me one more chance??? Let's go!


oh Here's an updated photo of me and the little one that is not so little any more! 

                    Everyone Meet Leighbra Misora 

                    Everyone Meet Leighbra Misora