Getting Worked!:.

Okay, so things are taking off but it's still in the beginning stages of that rocky start. I am getting more casting calls and booking more paid gigs and I'm loving it. Here is some of my most recent work...


Credit: Elske Photography

Architectural Shoot with Cory Gans

I've also been doing lots and lots more promo model work. It's fun and I am warming up to the idea of getting uncomfortable to be more comfortable with the idea of "new". New surroundings and new people. Most of all every promo job booked means new job. I am learning and meeting so many people that this learning curve has given me a new hunger. I love learning and now my knack has found itself indulging in my model world.

feat. in the New York Amsterdam News for Fashion Week in New York

Also, have been shooting and getting better with YouTube as well. Check me out and click on the photo! 

Credit: Micael Cabral

...okay so when it comes to being out there via the Your Tomboy in Heels Brand I think that's it. Now that your all caught up I have a few things to come so I'm sure we'll be in touch soon! 

Best of days!