Benefit Cosmetics and Birchbox

Just got back from the Roller Lash Mascara Launch Event at the Benefit Cosmetics San Francisco in the Boston Boutique on Newbury Street and man, was it fun! I went with Micael's cousin/god sister Leila who is too a fanatic of makeup and all it's glory. It started at 7 and it ended at 9 though we left around 8:30 ish... We tested almost every single tester that boutique had to offer.. Some things were good others were not working at all and of course there were products that we absolutely HAD TO HAVE! My recommendation, CREAM SHADOWS! They were amazing and the consistency was on point. Very blendable and has good pigment transfer. I had so much fun and wanted to take and buy and wear everything but we all no less is more. SO I purchased 2 shadows that I couldn't leave with out. Had so much fun and once the video is up (Last Week With MoMo on YouTube) I will link it. However, til' then here's a few snaps from the night! 

                                    Kisses ~ MoMo