Taking Mistakes By Storm

May 22nd, 2014 12:26PM


Okay so I will admit I fault here and there when it comes to the Fashion/Modeling Industry. I try not to but hey, it happens. I refuse to believe anyone that is in this world can says otherwise. But what do you do? Where do you go from there? So many times my mistakes feel so... catastrophic. I chose the wrong photographer to execute the concept, images are of poor quality and they praise their work all over social media for all to see and of course know I was a part of. Oh and this one time I dedicated my entire summer to a Fashion Show with all these bells and whistles of promises for it to just NOT happen. Not to mention having the knowledge of a photographer that is known to "shoot for fun" and not use images taken and STILL I went for it; 2-day shoot and everything... So much for those pictures... But ohhhh there is a BUT! and the but its what you do. To answer that question; LEARN. Obtain the knowledge needed beyond these slight errors so that they do not ever happen again. Network and ask all the questions in the world. It can't hurt but help! See what its like by others and don't just go on based of a piece of paper or photo or anything. Ask their clients (not in front of them of course) and research them. Mistakes won't go away and will continue to be there unless you make that effort to rid or change the cycles and methods you are using that land you there in the first place. I now work with very few Reliable photographers for example as well as have contracts so that if a photographer doesn't feel like using my images I get them anyway. Remember its not how hard you fall or how often but what matters is that you ALWAYS get up and push forward!