June 16th, 4:32PM


I can't believe I got it! I am walking for Converse. My literal thoughts once I received that email from a member of the Production company TESstylists. So surreal and exciting and mortifying all at the same time. I couldn't help but feel like wow I'm here and yet so scare to mess up and not be great enough to stand out and maybe get a bit further; but I did. The show was for the company itself and for the collect set to be released in 2015. YES I GOT TO WEAR SS15 of Converse. Did I mention it was CONVERSE? I mean I went to school across the street from the owners house or summer house my entire high school life. It was cool but now I've worked with the company and I mean come on everyone wears chucks theses days anyway!!! its a holy grail staple piece to both male and females across the world and I little ol' me walked in a show for the Companies big guns today. It was quick and no pictures so all I got was a snap shot of me and a fellow Maldonian backstage. Even so the felling is indescribable. I got lots of info from other models that were signed and spoke to a few scouts also. Who knows maybe I will be in the adds soon.