Updates... Updates.. Updates..

Boy do we have some catching up to do!!! Where do I start?? I want to get this blog up so you aren’t left wondering what have I been up to since I was last here!!

Well, for starters, I am a signed model now! YAS!! If you read my last post , I am with Maggie Inc Agency. I signed a 2 year contract about a month ago with no hesitation and very content with my choice. Then quickly after all that I got into promotional modeling. I just wrapped up the promo campaign for the newly opened (in America) Japanese store called UNIQLO. I agreed to this job because I had just done a Brand Ambassador position for the Boston.com’s Ski and Snow Board Expo AND LOVED IT. The Expo included a fashion show called the Vertical Runway which was a plus being a model... I got to not just be a BA but a runway model too!

Oh! I have officially put in my notice at my day job and my last day is the day after Christmas. Which is just in time for my 25th Birthday!!!!  I really want to just focus on my modeling career and I FINALLY have the means for it! This means more working on my brand via social media and YT and MODELING! YAY! can’t you tell I am just so flippin' excited?? I am so happy I didn’t call it quits when times got rough. I was going to give up but that is what brings you to greatest… Being on the edge of breaking but getting through it all and getting what you fought so hard for in the end...