Photo Credit: B1 Photography

"I am my own canvas"

I am a multifaceted freelance model based in Boston, MA. My capabilities have taken me everywhere from basic shoots and website prints to gracing the runways of Boston Fashion Week. My easy-going and adventurous nature makes me a breeze to shoot and work with.  I have dabbled in different artistic mediums from a young age: from dancing ballet to playing the clarinet and piano to painting and creating the artwork I display on my body. Creative and ambitious are just the tip of the iceberg! ... Are you ready for me?

RACE: Haitian
HAIR: short/curly (STC)
EYES: brown
DRESS: 0-4
SHOES: 8/8.5
Height : 5'6
Bust : 34
Waist : 26
Hips : 38

Piercing: Some

Tattoos: Some