Credit: Elske Photography

"I am my own canvas…"

MoMo is an ambitious multifaceted model based in Boston, MA, currently freelancing after recently leaving Maggie Inc (MA). She started to model at a young age but was encouraged by her mother and had stopped modeling to finish her high school. Upon finishing she attended Boston Architectural College and began her modeling career once again. After about a year of some success, MoMo began to dedicate her time to her craft. Modeling became her passion. Her capabilities have taken her everywhere from publication shoots for website and prints to gracing the runways of Boston Fashion Week. MoMo has even dabbled into acting and is featured on a MTV produced music video and has also worked as a promotional model for's Ski and Snowboard Expo.. Her easy-going and adventurous nature makes her not only a breeze to shoot and work with but fun. MoMo's presences is full of energy and her intellect will grab your attention. She has been in different artistic mediums from a young age as well: from dancing ballet, playing the clarinet and piano, and painting to drawing and selling many still life portraits. Some of her artistic creativity can be viewed on her body as she personally drew all of her tattoos. Creativity and ambition are just the tip of the iceberg! MoMo has overcome many obstacles such as SVT, a heart disorder and battling a tumor which lead to having brain surgery a mere two years ago. Many would shutter to idea but MoMo kept strong and push though to follow her dreams. The strength of her character is her resilience. MoMo is unmatched when it comes to her strength, dedication, class and professionalism. She hopes to be inspirational to everyone through her story and work in the years to come... Are you ready for her?

RACE: Haitian
HAIR: long/curly (STC)
EYES: brown
DRESS: 0-4
SHOES: 8/8.5
Height : 5'6
Bust : 34
Waist : 26
Hips : 35

Piercing: Some

Tattoos: Some


(notes: MoMo has had brain surgery 6 years ago and has her hair short and natural however can accommodate all hair style types as shown in her portfolio. To have a certain preference please contact MoMo for more information..)